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We believe in positive discipline. By working to avoid threatening situations and using techniques of distraction, redirection and consequences, the need for negative discipline greatly diminishes. While each classroom will be held to the same standards and beliefs of discipline, the actual approach and techniques used in each class, as well as the classroom rules, will vary by age and developmental appropriateness. Physical punishment will not be used.

If a student continually and purposefully disobeys the teacher and/or classroom rules or disrupts the class, he or she will be removed from the classroom to the office. Parents will be informed when disciplinary action is taken beyond the classroom rules. If a student is disciplined three times in a row for a similar offense (ie/disobeying, becoming aggressive, or causing harm to another student) the parents will be called to come and pick up their child immediately . One parent will then be required to volunteer/observe in their child's classroom for the entire day within 24 hours of the incident . If this cannot be arranged within 24 hours, the child will then face a one day out-of-school suspension the very next day . For example, if the incident occurs on Tuesday, parent sets up to come in Wednesday or Thursday… if not, suspension would occur on Thursday…child may return to school on Friday.  If the problem continues, a conference will be scheduled with the parents, teacher and director to address other options or possible withdrawal if no agreeable solutions are available.

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