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Each month you will receive a calendar/schedule from your child's teacher outlining events, activities and lesson emphasis for that month. You are encouraged to do further activities or review work with them at home to enhance their learning experience.

Each child will have a Home Folder. This is the preschool's way to communicate with each family. This Home Folder will be sent home approximately once/week and should be returned the next day. Please go through the papers that are sent home, return those requested while removing and keeping the others. It is always a good idea to go through your child's papers with them, encouraging both their weaknesses and strengths.

There will also be information boards outside of each classroom. These will be utilized for additional information or schedule changes as needed. Remember to check them out periodically.

A mailing will be sent to each family during the summer with information needed for the start of the school year.

Near the start of the academic year MFS will host an Open House. All the families are invited to come meet the teachers/staff, see the classrooms and meet other families.

We are here to help you in educating your child. Please, feel free to contact us with any concerns you may have. Good communication is the key to a successful partnership. Forms are available, in the preschool office, for parents to write down their concerns or compliments.

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