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Come Learn With Us!


My First School has adopted an In-House curriculum as a foundation for developing your child's intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual growth. Our In-House curriculum is both phonics and Christian based; a great transition to your child's next level of learning.


Our In-House curriculum guides teacher and their students through the preschool years encouraging

  •  knowledge of letter form and sound

  •  knowledge of number form and usage

  •  critical thinking

  •  language development

  •  Christian character, social skills and social growth

  •  Bible stories

  •  math concepts

  •  creativity through art and self expression

  •  handwriting

  •  Kindergarten readiness

  •  "Discovery" learning including but never limited to science, geography,

         and history

My First School has a keen eye on developmental research and continuously strives to update and improve our curriculum, materials and teacher training to provide the community with a high quality, cutting edge early childhood education base. Our educators are provided with and encouraged to use supplemental materials as needed to further enhance our goal of excellence.


Our efforts to reach and encourage children include specials and activities which touch on all areas of interest and development. Your child will delight in music classes, self-defense classes, computer lessons and our state of the art outdoor playground.


All specials are offered during the regular school day and are included in your tuition.

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